Murray lawn mower repair

When your Murray lawn mower breaks down you might want to rely on the excellent Murray spares network to help you save some money by going in for repairing your Murray mower yourself. So lets look at some of the most usual problems that Murray mowers tend to have.

Wheels and Cogs

One thing about Murray mowers, for example, is that they use plastic cogs for their wheels. These, while rather sturdy, do of course erode and break down with time, and they are a common issue with these mowers. And it's not just the cogs, you'll often enough find that the wheels themselves can experience the same problems, given time.

But it's not hard to deal with this, and there's no need to call in a repairman. Simply log in to Amazon, where you'll find a whole selection of Murray wheels and cogs available, and you can simply buy a replacement for the part that is worn out.

A word of caution, though – remember to find out from the manual exactly which cog is damaged, so that you don't order one that is meant to fit some other model of Murray mower.

However, that's hardly a problem. Now, once your cog or wheel arrives, all you need is a flat head screw driver. Remove the central plastic disc from the mower, and then undo the nut that lies just under that.

Once you do this, the rest is elementary and just needs some common sense – just remove and replace the worn out part, replace the nut, replace the disc cover, and your problems are over.

Fuel Leak

But that's not the only problem you could have with a Murray mower – another fairly common one is a leaky fuel supply. This problem is usually isolated in the tank itself (though not always – be sure of your facts before you commence repair), and is easily dealt with.

However, rather than do a patch job on a fuel tank, perhaps you would prefer to have customer repair deal with the issue, as a leaking fuel tank is really a major potential disaster in the making. Not that you have to worry, because Murray customers services are really efficient.

Let’s see – what else can go wrong with a Murray mower? Why, the power belts might break, of course. Again, with these the procedure is simple enough – just get a replacement of the exact size and install it.

You may have to tweak the belts a bit to ensure that they fit. Don't take apart any bearing holding axle while you do the installation – to put those together again is a service center job, and will cost you. The rest is just routine maintenance.

Spark Plug

when the spark plug gives trouble, you might have to clean out the socket in which it sits to ensure that the electricity is carried well. All this takes is an oily cloth.

However, it's not always as simple as it looks, as the gap between the respective electrodes has to be a certain width, and you should really consult the manual before you touch this. Once you're sure of the fitting, go ahead and clean out the spark plug socket.

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These are few things that can go wrong with a Murray lawn mower, and all are easy enough to deal with and repair. It just takes a little common sense and elbow grease, that's all.

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